Online Bingo

Most people in Australia would have learned how to play bingo as a child at school where the thrill of yelling out bingo was more of a reward than any prize that was given. Since the internet came along online bingo has become a popular choice with the Aussie bingo players.Here are our most highly recommended bingo sites for Australians.

Best Bingo Sites

Wink Bingo

Get your 350% bonus here! Deposit 10 play with minimum 45 – it could be even more when you spin the Wink Bingo wheel. And you can play without depositing too!

Tasty Bingo

Deposit 10, play with 35 at Tasty Bingo, the welcome bonus is just a taste of Tasty’s action packed site that offers loads of exiting bonuses and promotions

Cyber Bingo

Is a very busy site that has many exiting promotions and bonuses. Wink has an exclusive VIP Club Joy Gem that offers even more bonuses and rewards to it’s members

Aussie Bingo

The old bingo nights (housie night) is starting to become a thing of the past. It is still fun to do but there’s usually only one or two nights a week to play and less and less places to play, making online bingo a great alternative. Online Bingo sites are ready to play 24 hours a day which means you can play bingo online when it suits you. As most online casino games are very quick playing bingo online is more about enjoying the game and watching your numbers come up.

Bingo Choices

Online bingo gives you the choice of playing 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo. 90 ball is the more popular choice in Australia and New Zealand and 75 ball bingo is more commonly played in America. But when you play online you have the convenience of being able to try one form and if you don’t enjoy it you can just give another version a go with just a click of the mouse.

Our Bingo sites all offer free to play bingo, there is no deposit needed to play, just sign up and start enjoying your online bingo experience. If you choose to play for money there are generous sign up bonuses given. Playing free to play bingo online is a great way to experiment to find the bingo sites that you enjoy most and a great way to enter the world of online bingo. We can’t guarantee that every bingo game is going to suit you, so playing for free is a good way to choose what bingo site you like best.

One bingo game might have cooler graphics than another or you might like the functionality of a certain game more than the other so playing for free can be a good option till you find the one that is right for you.

Bingo with Pokies

There are many awesome pokies on our bingo sites that offer many bonuses and rewards. A lot of people like to play pokies in the break between bingo games, or even in between balls being called if you are really keen. Bingo is a fun game to play, but the Biggest jackpots are generally won by playing progressive pokies. So give it go next time your are sitting around waiting between bingo games you could win that massive jackpot between bingo games.

Bingo Players

Here  is a bit of trivia about the origin of bingo that some bingo players might find intresting. Originally bingo was the Italian Lottery, and then the French used the same system as there lotto. Bingo has been around since the 1500’s . The game bingo took some years to work it’s way through Europe. As different countries adopted the game it also came to be known as bingo or housey, which are the names names that we as Australians know them by. It wasn’t till 1996 when bingo was available to play online and has been growing in popularity ever since.